I’ve Moved!

That’s right! After several months of deliberation, I decided to take the plunge and go self-hosted. My blog has now moved to http://notsoquietgrrl.com/, with most of my back catalogue available there too. I would love if it you jumped on over and gave me a follow! If you’re following me on Bloglovin’ you should have been moved over automatically.

Thanks for the support over the years – here’s to a bigger and brighter chapter!

Nadia xx


Vegan Friendly And Ethical January Sales Picks


There’s no denying it – Christmas is a fundamentally consumerist event, which sees us spending hundreds of pounds on festive food and gifts for our loved ones, the pressure to part with our cash starting as early as October. I’m not immune to the pull of capitalism, nor do I think it’s a bad thing to want to treat ourselves and others during the celebrations. There are dark sides to it, too, though – not everyone can afford to spend any money on gifts at all, and the excessive spending does feel somewhat grotesque with social issues such as homelessness and food poverty looming alongside it.

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Vegan Eats | Cruelty-free Christmas Tipples


For many of us, having a festive drink (or three) is a big part of Christmas. Whether that’s a Snowball cocktail, a thimble of Baileys over ice, or a warming glass of mulled wine, alcoholic beverages are an enjoyable indulgence come the festive season, and something we shouldn’t miss out on just because we’re striving to lead a more compassionate lifestyle by being vegan.

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4 Tips For An Ethical Christmas


There’s no doubt about it: Christmas can be a time of great waste. From making way too much food to giving unsuitable or unnecessary gifts, we can end up creating a lot of waste over the festive period, and it’s a crying shame. However, it doesn’t need to be this way, and in today’s post I’m going to go over some of the ways you can minimise your contribution to waste this year.

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A Christmas Mood Board


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Vegan Eats | Swedish Saffron Buns


If you’re after a slightly less traditional Christmas treat, these fluffy buns with a subtle saffron taste might be the perfect thing to try. Hailing from Scandinavia, the buns (called Lussekatter Lucy cats – in Swedish) are eaten during Advent, and to celebrate St. Lucia on December 13th. They’re certainly different to the rich and indulgent mince pies and fruit cakes you might be digging into this month, and are a lot of fun to make.

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New Moon Intentions | December


I can’t quite believe I’m sitting down to write my final Intentions post of 2016. I probably won’t do a full retrospective post about what the year was like for me but, to refer to it briefly, it’s been a mixed bags. Personally, I feel I have grown a lot and achieved several of my goals (especially regarding this blog!). However, on a larger scale, I have felt increasingly upset and hopeless about the state of the world, and that has been hard to shrug off.

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